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Video marketing is a powerful tool for lawyers to begin developing a client relationship before they step foot in your door. As a lawyer, you have an authoritative presence that can become a powerful tool when marketing your law firm. One of your greatest skills is the power of persuasion, often through impressive oration. Video provides an opportunity to show your expertise, poise, and confidence to potential clients. 

Effective video tells a story, explains a complicated scenario, and can help hold a person’s attention longer. Here are five reasons you should use video in your marketing strategy.

1) Videos Help Humanize Your Law Firm.

Lawyers have a bad reputation as “ambulance chasers” who are only interested in getting their clients’ money. However, no one knows better than you how much effort and care goes into representing the people who depend on your expertise. 

When you create a video that brings your humanity into the picture, potential clients will see you as a person they can trust. When you talk about what you can do to help them, using past experiences to tell your story, you will create a connection with prospects so that they feel confident they can talk to you about their problems. More importantly, they will feel you can solve them. 

2) Video Improves Information Retention.

When people are seeking legal advice, it can be overwhelming trying to read some of the content they are likely to find online. Either it will be vague and repetitive or too technical, which becomes confusing. When you provide video, people are more likely to retain information. Viewers retain 95% of the message in a video compared to just 10% when they read a message. Furthermore, 80% remember a video watched as far back as a month. 

3) Your Prospects Love Video, and Google Does Too.

People are video obsessed today, and younger people are watching more video than ever. According to an Acumen Constant Content report, those aged 13-24 have switched from traditional TV to more online content, especially YouTube. With 96% of that age group watching an average of 11 hours of online video via social media per week, and only 81% watching TV, those habits will tend to stay with them. That means you should be putting your budget to better use by producing well-made video content, instead of running those expensive local commercials on TV. 

In hand with social media video content, you can also use video marketing to increase your rankings. According to studies, videos are 45 times more likely to be ranked on the first page than text. There are three compelling reasons video improves your rankings, such as:

  1. Video increases click-through rates, which can increase organic traffic from SERPS by 157%.
  2. Video can help lower bounces as people engage with video twice as long, which in turn can help SEO.
  3. Video content is more likely to increase more backlinks, which is also good for SEO.

As a bonus, you will inch your way to the top of the rankings page, so people find you first. 

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4) People Watch Video on Mobile Devices.

According to Twitter, 90% of its videos are watched on mobile devices. Since so many people can’t put their mobile devices down, it’s not surprising that 75% of all video plays are on mobile devices, and people are 1.5 times more likely to use their mobile phones to watch videos. If this is what people are doing, it is always best to give them what they want. 

5) Video is Proven to Boost Conversion and Sales. 

When you use video to create authority, you are pre-positioning prospects to be interested in your service. When businesses use video on landing pages to promote a product, they see an increase in conversions by 80%, according to Insivia. In fact, they noted 90% of users use video to help them make a final decision when choosing a product. As well, they cite Nielsen Wire saying that 36% of online consumers trust video ads. 

Because your clients must trust you to handle their legal issues, video can prove to be a very powerful tool in getting them to make that all-important call. In fact, Insivia reported that 46% of users take some sort of action after viewing a video ad.

Choose Video to Reach More People and Build Your Brand

Video allows you to do what you do best: Present a clear case. Potential clients will see how well-spoken you are, that you aren’t afraid to crack a smile, and that you are discussing their well-being in earnest. All these things translate into an opportunity to persuade and influence people’s decisions by making a true and meaningful connection with them through video.

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