Acumen Legal Marketing Services Overview

Acumen Legal Marketing services overview

In this video, our Director of Digital Marketing goes over our services and what makes the difference for law firms in 2021 and beyond.


Hi, I’m Mark, the Director of Digital Marketing at Acumen.

We help law firms grow to the next level using digital marketing and online lead generation techniques. In this video, I’m going to go over what we do and how we helped our client Jake doubled his firm’s practice in less than six months by using digital marketing.

It has made him pretty busy!

Who is Acumen Legal Marketing?

Well, we’re founded by attorneys. And we have a long history of working with law firms in eDiscovery, trial consulting, video production, and direct mail marketing. In fact, we have built a proprietary direct mail system that scrapes the court dockets and then sends out a personalized mailer that day. So it was a natural move to build out our digital marketing capabilities.

We have a team of five members and growing.

And we’ve helped attorneys all over the country from small-town law firms with just a single attorney doing everything to larger law firms with multiple offices in big cities, and a big budget to go along with that.

The Old Ways of Marketing

Let’s talk about the old ways. The old ways of marketing are billboards, TV and radio ads, bus signs, and those are expensive. And there’s really no way to track your return on investment, you know — how many leads how many phone calls did you get from that billboard, or from that TV or that radio spot?

Another old way is referrals from other attorneys and other law firms, and then you have to share the profit with them. Or, you run ads in a local magazine, again, they’re expensive, hard to track the return on investment. Or perhaps you run Pay Per Click ads on Google or Facebook on your own, but you have that very limited data set to work with.

The Acumen Way of Digital Marketing

The Acumen way is all about attention arbitrage.

How can we get the most attention for your brand for your law firm at the cheapest price?

We do that by building an entire online reputation and brand around your website, your social media, and Google ads. And we aggressively retarget any visitors to any of these platforms.

So let’s break down some of the elements of a successful online presence and brand for your law firm.

Law Firm Websites

It all starts with a website that’s rebuilt, optimized for appearing in the searches that are relevant to your practice areas, and appearing in local search.

We start the SEO process immediately. But SEO is a long-term play, it takes time to generate high-quality content, get people to engage with that content, and then get ranked in the search engines. We start that right away, but a good SEO campaign can take 6 to 12 months, sometimes longer if you’re in a really competitive area. So that starts getting the high-quality content that people are going to engage with on your website.

We also optimize the structure of your website to load fast and look nice on all devices. We optimize for user experience with the placement of your click-to-call buttons and your contact forms. Making sure the structure of your website makes sense to navigate through for potential clients.

We also optimize for search engine experience. This is all the backend work of getting the server and the hosting right: page caching, making sure that the SEO structure is built in a way that search engines are going to understand.

Paid Ads on Search & Social

Then, in order to turn the leads on, we build out your presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads. So we can start building your leads right away using these paid ad sources. Now, there are different methods of engaging with people that we use on different platforms.

For Facebook, for example, the latest and greatest thing is a “Send Message” campaign. So we run our Facebook ads to your local area. And if people are interested in your services, we ask them, Hey, send a message. Then you can set up the Facebook app on your phone to send you notifications right away. So as soon as someone contacts your law firm, you can get that wherever you’re at. You can be there responding to Facebook and Instagram. We find it really helpful to run a send message campaign on Facebook.

For Google Ads, on the other hand, we’ll build a custom landing page. Or we can start with a lead form right there on Google. So if people are ready to talk to an attorney, they can send get their information and get a call back from you.


We also aggressively retarget everyone who visits our website or our landing pages by basically installing a little code snippet into their browser when they land on the page, it’s very common thing to do. Oftentimes, it’s not implemented correctly. So if someone visits the website through the SEO process, or through your Google Ads through Facebook, they get that tracking code, it’s called a cookie on their website. And that enables us to then follow them around the web.

And we can put your ads up on other websites like the New York Times, we can put your ads up on Facebook, we can put them on Instagram, we can build out another set of Google ads, we can build YouTube ads. So that way, someone maybe has gone to your website, and they’re interested in your services, say divorce. But they’re just in the education phase.

We, first of all, want to have high-quality content on your website. So they’re learning more about divorce law from you than any of your competitors. And then when they decide to go back to Facebook, and they’ve done research on the website, bam, they get hit by a video ad about you talking about something niche and the divorce law for your state.

So they continuously see ads wherever they go across the web, keeping you top of mind, and then ultimately driving a higher conversion rate for your lead funnel. This is just a very simple breakdown of how we do things, we have a lot of different platforms that we can use to track our phone calls and our form fills.

This just gives you a basic idea of how we construct your website and your online brand across multiple platforms with retargeting and optimized conversion, in order to get you the most amount of leads at the least amount of cost.

What’s Included in our Marketing Packages?

Website rebuilds or restructure. First, we start with the website, we either upgrade your existing website, or do a full redesign for conversion, user experience, and search engine optimization.

SEO & Content Generation. We provide ongoing SEO, content generation, local search optimization, and we do a quarterly technical SEO audit to make sure we’re keeping abreast of any changes in the search engine world.

Google My Business & Local SEO. We do Google My Business Management optimization, which includes monthly posting and review outreach.

Paid Search & Social. Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, YouTube to help generate those leads.

Retargeting Ads. Right upfront, we do aggressive retargeting packages. So anybody who’s landed on the website then sees your ads across social media, and across other websites on the internet.

Lead Tracking. We provide granular lead tracking for all of our clients. Now just getting this part down can give you a really good depth of insight into you your marketing efforts, and what’s working, maybe what needs work. So we track phone calls, form fills, conversations on social media — from every traffic source, direct branded search, organic, Google My Business, social LinkedIn paid campaigns, everything under one report.

Custom Automation. So if you have a lead magnet on your web page, a free guide to divorce or personal injury law, we build a drip sequence and automated campaign for anybody who’s downloaded that to keep you top of mind, and to keep educating and informing those potential clients.

We’re Your Marketing Partner. We view ourselves essentially as your marketing partner, we can help train your staff on how to write SEO blog posts, how to write content that generates leads, and to fill in the gaps in your system and help you optimize your lead intake system.

Sign Up For a Free Strategy Session

So what’s next? Sign up for a free strategy session. It’s designed for us to learn about your law firm, learn about your marketing methods, what’s worked, maybe what needs some work and to learn about your goals for your law firm. In this way, we’re able to make sure that you’re the right fit for us and that we’re the right fit for you.

But that also includes going more in-depth on our lead generation system and really breaking down how it is that we do what we do. We also provide a complete audit of your online presence that will give you actionable steps that you can take in-house to start generating leads online.

Then, if it makes sense for both parties, we will develop a game plan and implement the strategies that you need to grow your law firm online. And it’s free.

So please click the button below and sign up for a free strategy session. We’d love to hear from you. Love to learn about your law firm and see if we’re the right marketing partner for you.

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