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Learn About Facebook Advertising

In the modern digital age, everyone is more connected to each other and the rest of the world in a way we could not have predicted even a couple of decades ago. One of the most prominent ways people are staying connected with each other is through social media platforms, especially Facebook. Whether it is posting about their recent achievements, showing photos of their kids or pets, commenting on latest and greatest in entertainment news, or simply asking for a local recommendation, people have jumped on the opportunity to embrace one another digitally.

Facebook has been an online presence for many years now and does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon. It has expanded and provided a way for people to easily join groups, start organizations, and reach out to their favorite brands. It has also given businesses an opportunity to advertise to potential clients who may otherwise never be aware of the company’s existence. If you’re considering a Facebook Ad campaign for your Bankruptcy Law Firm, contact us today

As a bankruptcy law firm, you can capitalize on this powerful marketing tool in ways that include far more than simply having a Facebook page for your firm. At Acumen Legal Marketing, we understand how to best utilize Facebook (and other social media outlets as well) to its full potential for your law firm. 

FaceBook Advertising for Bankruptcy Law Firms

Our social media marketing experts at Acumen Legal Marketing know the value of incorporating Facebook into your marketing campaign and are dedicated to helping you have an active online presence. We also understand that integrating Facebook with your website using special code will enable us to retarget the social media accounts of those visitors to your website who land on specific pages. We will gain valuable demographic information concerning who is visiting your website and what their interests are. 

Using that demographic information, we can then develop a social media strategy using advertising on platforms like Facebook and focus on those accounts who have visited your website. Whether it is the local area, a particular interest, or the contents of the webpage they landed on, we can target social media campaigns and make sure only the most qualified leads are shown your ads. If they are searching for a legal solution to their bankruptcy problem, we want them to know that your law firm is available.

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Increase Your Law Firm’s Social Presence on FaceBook

There are a variety of ways to increase your bankruptcy law firm’s social presence on Facebook and other social media outlets, and there are even more reasons to strive for that increase. When you have followers and fans on Facebook, you need to continue to interact with them and let them know that you are available for their legal needs. Former clients may need your services again or be able to recommend your legal expertise to a friend or family member. It is always a good idea to remain active on Facebook. But how do you do that?

How Does FaceBook Advertising Work?

Basically, Facebook ads are a form of Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Through these ads, you can promote your Facebook page, posts on your page, actions users took, or your actual website. You are able to successfully send users to your website and gain more traffic through Facebook ads. 

These advertisements are targeted to users based on location, demographics, and profile information, and many of the options available are Facebook specific. Once you create your ad, you will set a budget, and bid for each click or thousand impressions that your ad gets.

Attract New Clients for Your Bankruptcy Law Firm

As a bankruptcy law firm, you have a very specific target client in mind, so your Facebook and other social media ads should bear in mind who you are looking to influence through your ads. Facebook users are using the site to connect with friends and family, not be influenced to buy stuff or invest in services. 

If your ad appears in the sidebar on their Facebook feed, that means they are likely in need of your services. You can more easily attract those potential clients by asking them to fill out a brief survey form or submitting their email address for more information. If potential clients are going to turn into actual clients, they will be back now that they know you are there and you can follow up by sending an introductory email. Facebook and other social media outlets are a great way to connect with former clients and attract new ones if used the right way.

Contact Acumen Legal Marketing to learn more about our social media advertising campaign experience and to schedule a free strategy session with our expert social media marketing team!

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