Experiencing Melbourne

Melbourne is a city that has a rich and interesting history. The local people are welcoming and friendly. Plus, the environment is safe and clean. Many local restaurants and museums can be found in this one of a kind city. See more here.

Liberty Bell Memorial Museum

This museum is broken down into two different sections, but each section is dedicated to an important part of American history. Visitors don’t have to pay anything to have access to this museum. There is also a tribute wall to honor those who have served in the armed forces. See here for information about Inexpensive Fun in Melbourne, Florida.

Brevard Zoo

This zoo has over six hundred different animals. It is possible to take a kayaking tour around the Africa exhibit. This trip takes visitors around the ten acre exhibit at their own pace. A zip line in the South America exhibits can take visitors to new heights. 

Foosaner Art Museum

This art museum has over five thousand pieces of art on display. Visitors will find a huge assortment of art pieces at this beautiful location. Art from the present and the past are all housed in one place. Over two thousand years of collective art history is offered here.