Fun Times in the City of Melbourne, Florida

Melbourne, Florida may not seem like an exciting place. However, it is a city with a rich history. It is full of parks, restaurants, bars, and museums that need to be explored. Having a blast in Melbourne is easy! Further facts about Melbourne, FL can be found here.

Rossetter House Museum

Melbourne is known for having some of the oldest settlements in the United States. This particular home can be traced back nearly four hundred years. Guided tours can be booked Wednesday through Saturday for groups. Kids are welcome. The tours are roughly sixty minutes in duration. Information about Having a Blast in Melbourne, Florida can be found here. 

Brevard Zoo

 Visitors can enjoy the various animals and plants at Brevard Zoo without paying a general admission. There are special trips and tours that can be booked for a fee. The zoo is small in size, but offers zip lining to the public. 

Manatee Cove Park

Don’t miss the panoramic views you can experience at Manatee Cove Park. This venue spans over thirty acres. It is the perfect habitat for manatees, which are one of the most iconic animals that is native to the state of Florida. A playground with a picnic area can be accessed by visitors.