Budget Friendly Activities in Melbourne, Florida

You don’t have to spend a ton of cash to have fun in the city of Melbourne. It offers many locations that can be accessed with little or no charge. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of free or cheap fun in Melbourne. Melbourne, FL information can be seen at this link.

Paradise Beach and Park

This venue expands over twelve acres. It is one of the best unspoiled beaches in Melbourne. Picnic facilities and pavilions are available for free. Plus, visitors can access the volleyball courts. Discover facts about Tons of Fun in Melbourne, Florida.

Melbourne Beach Pier

Melbourne Beach Pier is one of the most historic venues in Melbourne. Extending into the Indian River, this pier allows perfect access to see the sun sink into the horizon. A playground for kids and a restaurant that is budget friendly is located nearby. 

Space Coast Stadium

There are five practice fields in this stadium. The seating capacity is over eight thousand. It is a great place to tour with the family. 

King Center for the Performing Arts

This venue offers educational and recreational activities that are centered on the performing arts. Touring artists are welcomed to introduce challenging new pieces to the public. Performance art events are held through the year.