Planning a Visit to Melbourne, Florida

There are a lot of interesting places to visit in Melbourne, Florida. The local area has a beauty ecosystem that is unspoiled. Plus, there are many cultural locations to explore. Don’t miss the excitement this city has to offer. Learn information about Melbourne, FL.

Erna Nixon Park

Located just a block away from Melbourne Square, this venue offers a short loop to walk along. The area is full of native plants and flowers. It is easily accessible by all types of people. Along the trailhead, visitors will find informative plaques. Discover facts about Things to do in Melbourne, Florida.


Backwater is a restaurant that is owned by natives of Florida. Both breakfast and lunch are offered at this charming eatery. Local farms supply the ingredients used in all of the menu items. Juices are squeezed fresh each and every day. The rustic décor provides a relaxed ambiance. 


Edelweiss is another family owned restaurant, but it serves a menu that is centered on authentic Austrian and German dishes. The lunch and dinner menu offers freshly made Bavarian pretzels. Bean salad with red kidney beans is one of the most popular menu options. This item is also called Roter Bohnensalat. The potato pancakes are called Kartoffelpuffer.