Guide for Excitement in Melbourne, Florida

Melbourne is a large municipal city located in Brevard County. It has a population that is over seventy thousand. Many activities and venues in the area offer excitement and fun for the whole family. Click here for facts about Melbourne, FL.

El Ambia Cubana Cuban Restaurant

For an authentic Cuban dining experience, this restaurant is the place to go. The ambiance is laid back and welcoming. A kid friendly menu section is offered, and it has fair rates. The service is fast and respectful. Click here to read about How to have Fun in Melbourne.

Escape Room Entertainment

Group members must work together to solve a mysterious puzzle to escape the locked room. This is the perfect activity during bad weather. Visitors must find the clues located in the room to earn their freedom. 

Quarters Brewery and Arcade

Let your inner child out to play by visiting Quarters Brewery and Arcade. Indulge in your favorite beer while playing a variety of arcade games. Trivia games are even available here. 

On the Edge Rock Climbing Gym

This gym offers visitors the chance to prove their rock climbing skills. Different walls are available for people with different skill levels. Classes are offered here for those who are looking to learn more than the basics.