Due to rapid growth, Acumen Legal Marketing has expanded into the Florida market over the past year. Increased demand for digital marketing services targeted towards the legal industry has propelled the company into new market areas. Acumen looks forward to serving the digital marketing needs of Florida law firms.

Acumen Legal Marketing was founded by attorneys who were looking for a better way to execute comprehensive marketing plans for law firms. Thirty years of legal industry experience is drawn upon to craft the ideal marketing campaign. Because of this wealth of specialized industry knowledge, the agency works exclusively with law firms.

To avoid competition between clients, Acumen Legal Marketing is area exclusive. The agency only works with one law firm per practice area in each geographic location. This best practice enhances the success of Acumen’s strategies.

Many agencies focus on vanity metrics, like blog views and keyword rankings. Acumen Legal Marketing builds campaigns around one metric: getting legal practices more clients. Acumen is data-driven and continually adapts marketing campaigns based on performance, competitor analysis, and changing market conditions. To achieve the client’s goals, Acumen offers the following services: search engine optimization, pay per click ads and remarketing, content generation, and online review and reputation management.

Acumen Legal Marketing deploys a proven five-step process that establishes a law firm’s goals and then crafts a customized marketing plan to reach those goals. The first step is to measure the current state of the client’s business. Next, Acumen performs competitor research to discover how business rivals are approaching the industry. From this research, the team develops a specific, actionable marketing plan for the client’s goals. In the fourth step, Acumen deploys its customized marketing strategy. Finally, the team collects and analyzes data so that they can adapt and evolve the strategy to deliver best results to the client.

Josh, an Acumen client and criminal defense attorney, describes how the Acumen process has profited his practice: “Acumen has been an integral part of my sales and marketing efforts. Their direct mail offerings afford me the ability to focus on handling the always changing needs and schedules of my clients and courts. It is comforting knowing that my phone will continue to ring as I get busier and am unable to spend much of my own time on generating new client leads. I’d recommend them to anyone who needs help in keeping a steady stream of new customer opportunities. It works and is a great return on investment.”

Acumen Legal Marketing was founded on the simple concept of combining legal expertise with industry-specific marketing experience. The agency helps law firms succeed online through website design, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, social media, and content marketing. Acumen Legal Marketing serves clients across the United States.


For more information or to request a free consultation, visit the Acumen Legal Marketing website at www.acumenlegalmarketing.com. The company can also be contacted by email at sdennin@acumenclientllc.com.