Search Engine Optimization

Is your website stuck on page 4 or 5 of search results? Are you missing out on leads because potential clients can’t find you online? Search Engine Optimization is all about making you more visible. Start showing up in search results and begin ranking for the search terms and keywords that are relevant to your practice.

Generate more website traffic and leads with SEO services designed for legal professionals.

Structural Optimization

We begin with the basics: site speed, intuitive navigation, and responsive design. Our thorough website audit will fix broken links, rewrite old content to refresh and expand, simplify code, and improve aesthetics. Then we ensure your text and images are formatted with the proper code that search engines look for when deciding how to rank your site against your competitors.

Content Marketing

A strong content strategy tells search engines that your business is authoritative, actively working on your website presence, and relevant to user search intent. Working closely with you, we research the search terms clients are actually using in your niche and craft a plan to build content that will rank for those terms long term. We write, edit, and post new content based on our ongoing research, and optimize old content based on its real-world performance.

Local Citations and Link Building

Quality backlinks and local citations tell search engines your site is trustworthy. With our citations and link-building services, we create and edit your listings across a network of relevant local directories and websites. This is a surefire way to improve your SEO and become more visible in local search results. Need to update an address or phone number? We edit all of your listings at once so there are zero discrepancies across the web.

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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of ensuring that your website and its content are optimized to rank in search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Ask, WolframAlpha, etc. It’s a method of structuring your website code, data, and content that will rank you for search terms related to your practice areas.

Google is the juggernaut (73% of all internet searches, 2nd place Bing has only 7.1%) and most SEOs use Google’s recommendations as the primary way of optimizing a website.

Website Code

The code behind each website needs to be optimized to read fast. Furthermore, the code should tell search engines what parts of your content are important, with formatting that is understood across the web. This includes basic text structure like titles, headers, and lists. It also includes more code-intensive structure like structured markup, minimized CSS and javascript, and image alt text.

Site Structure

Your site should be clear what it is about, be organized with intuitive menus and search functions, and have an about page that lists your qualifications. The about page is KEY for law firm SEO, as Google’s ranking system specifically looks for authoritativeness in the legal profession (they don’t want to promote pages of non-lawyers for legal issues).

We suggest a homepage listing your practice areas, and about page, a contact page, a blog, and a page detailing each practice area. Oftentimes a new law office can begin with a single page website, but you will find a lot more benefits to having more pages on the site.

Headings, Text Formatting, and Alt Tags

Search engines follow html structure to know what is important on the page. If your page about DUI law is entitled “Best Cars for Track Racing,” well, search engines aren’t going to rank your page because the content doesn’t match the header. Plan your webpage out using bullet points, highlighting three key aspects of that practice area. These will become your headings.

Alt tags are image descriptions that tell search engines what your image is about. It’s important to fill out your image alt tags with a description of the image itself, and some keywords about your law firm. Don’t overdo it, though, this is called keyword stuffing and it will cause your images to rank lower.

Local SEO for Law Firms

Optimizing your website for local search is key to your law firm’s success. You can list areas served in a sidebar or footer, or build a landing page for each location, especially if you have an office there. You should definitely setup a Google My Business location, add photos, and complete your profile with practice areas and contact information. This ensures your law firm will appear in Google Maps searches.

Content is King

Quality content ranks better. But what does this mean?

First, let’s talk about the different types of content.

  • Long Form Content
  • Blogs
  • Case Studies
  • Video

There are more types of content, like white papers or podcasts, but these are the top four for attorneys to be using.

Long Form Content

The average length of content on the 1st page of Google is 1,890 words. That’s a lot! Google uses a machine learning artificial intelligence system to rank websites. Some of the top ranking factors study how people interact with your website, and in-depth content keeps people on the page longer.

It’s a complex system called RankBrain, but the important thing is to think about how people interact with websites. The longer you keep people reading, the more you educate them, the longer they stay on the page. Not only does this help you rank better, but it begins building a relationship with the user. Specifically, a relationship where you are showcasing your expertise.

Let’s say you practice law for DUI. Long form content would be a guide to navigating your first DUI. What to expect from the arrest (laws regarding BAC level, blood test, refusing the breathalyzer) to the court process, sentencing, and follow-up. This type of content means they only have to stop at your website to learn everything they need to know about their case. Otherwise, they’d be looking up criminal law statutes, statistics on DUI cases, what type of lawyer to get.

We like to call this the “Ultimate Guide.” Make your long form content the only resource someone who’s being charged with a crime in your practice area needs, and they will be more likely to choose you to represent them when the time comes.

Blogging for Law Firms

Blogging is an important part of any online content strategy. It’s simple to do, and your blog can generate a lot of targeted traffic over time. There are a number of blogging strategies, but we find these three to be most successful in the legal industry: breaking down statutes and changes in law, newsworthy topics, and case studies.

You can use the blog to explain the law regarding a certain practice area, like what happens when you refuse a breathalyzer test. Or what to expect when you get arrested, the bonding process, how charges are set and what to look for when hiring a lawyer.

Newsworthy topics have high impact up front, but tend to generate less traffic over time. For instance, explaining a high profile case in your practice area that has made the news lately. This is especially good for celebrities or high profile individuals in your geographic area.

Case studies are a great long term traffic strategy. You can explicate a recent case you had that was noteworthy, or walk through your strategy for defending a client who ultimately got their charges significantly reduced or dropped. Showcase your wins here.

Law Firm Video Content

Video is one of the best strategies for building traffic to your website, and it can be used multiple ways. You can start a vlog (video blog), make a video explaining anything and everything related to your practice areas, or build an advertisement. These videos can be uploaded to YouTube for free, keyword optimized, and also embedded in your blog pages or main website pages. It is a great way for a client to “get to know you” before even stepping foot in the office.

You can also transcribe your videos into a blog, so while you post the video, you can put the text on the webpage (driving even more traffic from the organic search).

Above all, it’s important to have a content strategy to develop your organic website traffic. Good content continues to drive traffic over time, so while it might be an investment up front to hire a content writer or video production agency, you’ll be getting dividends on that content for years to come.


Acumen has been an integral part of my sales and marketing efforts. Their direct mail offerings afford me the ability to focus on handling the always changing needs and schedules of my clients and courts. It is comforting knowing that my phone will continue to ring as I get busier and am unable to spend much of my own time on generating new client leads. I’d recommend them to anyone who needs help in keeping a steady stream of new customer opportunities. It works and is a great return on investment.

Josh, Criminal Defense Attorney

I’d like to take this time to thank Acumen for the terrific direct mail/marketing services they have provided. I have worked with founder, Peter Mansmann, Esquire and Acumen for approximately 9 months on direct mail and other marketing services for our law firm. Pete has provided sensational marketing ideas, while using analytics to help produce innovative and “outside the box” platforms to help us grow. Both Pete, as well as the other members of Acumen, have been extremely accommodating in meeting my unusual schedule which has been extremely appreciated. I only have the highest regards for Pete and his staff. I would recommend them to anyone looking to revamp or start a direct mail program.

Paul, Criminal Defense, Bankruptcy, and Social Security Attorney

The Acumen program has become a trusted and integral part of my business. Getting started was easy. I told them what jurisdictions I was interested in and they helped me format my template letters. I get regular reporting and know they’re a phone call away if I ever want to make changes. From there it has run on “auto-pilot” generating a steady stream of calls to my business. I know they are keeping things running for me which provides peace of mind. I’d recommend them to anyone considering a direct mail strategy.

Chris, Criminal Defense Attorney


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