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Our Services

Acumen was founded on the simple concept of combining legal experience (we’re founded by lawyers) with industry specific marketing experience, we can deliver what you need and should expect. Results.

We design and develop cutting-edge custom websites that load quickly and are optimized to turn website visitors into clients.

Video marketing is a powerful tool for lead generation. Multiply your online engagement and increase your market presence.

We optimize site structure, copywriting, and content strategies to ensure your website is ranked and visible in search engines like Google.

We develop custom landing pages, track ad spend and performance, and adapt to changing market conditions to ensure your ads perform above your competitors.

Through video, photography and remarketing, we utilize social media to drive more clients to your website, and ultimately, your office

Daily docket mailings to potential clients based on public arrest records. We design effective mailers and track results to ensure your business grows.

Lawyer Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of ensuring that your website and its content are optimized to rank in search engines like Google and Bing.

Search engine optimization is just as much about the people doing the searching as it is designing your content to rank properly. It’s about discovering what people are searching for that’s relevant to your law firm niche, knowing what type of questions they ask, and delivering the best answer or best content for those queries.

Then, it’s about structuring your website and content in a way that is friendly to search engine discovery. Lastly, using analytics data to refine your approach and create better content in the future.

SEO-Friendly Website Design

A website is very often your first point of contact. It introduces you to potential clients, showcases your expertise, and begins building trust. Every page should be designed to drive new leads, with clear contact information, a form for inquiries, and calls to action scattered throughout the page.

Your website should be easy to navigate, meaning a top bar menu, click to call phone numbers, and large, easy to read contact forms. Your website is a part of your sales funnel, not just an online business card!

All of these features should use the proper code for titles, headings, meta descriptions, and image alt text that search engines use to index your data, as well as optimized code that doesn’t burden the user’s device and slow your website down.

It’s a complex and tedious approach if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why Acumen (Melbourne Attorney SEO) is able to rank your websites above your competition—we do this stuff all day long, and have the methods developed from years of experience to drive not only more website traffic, but more leads, too.

A Customized Approach to Legal Marketing

acumen (noun): the ability to make good judgements and quick decisions, typically in a particular domain.

You started with a clear enough intention—growing your business. But now you’re inundated with vanity metrics about website traffic, keyword rankings, search volume and trends. But are you getting new clients? This is where Acumen excels—we’re data driven and focus on growing your business.


Contact us for a free strategy session to improve your law firm’s online presence and optimize for lead generation.

Structured Data

Structured data is coding done under the hood to tell Google, Facebook, and Twitter, what your website is about. It is a standardized format across the web that tells search engines what is on your website and what you are trying to rank for.

First, it tells Google what kind of website you have. Is it a business? If so, what type of business? What are the contact details for the business? Facebook and Twitter use structured data to set the content when you paste a URL, like a blog link, into their platforms.

Structured data is a huge ranking factor because it tells the search engine who you are, what you do, and when and where you do it, instead of the search engine trying to discover that on their own.

Local Search Optimization

Our lead generation plans feature a specific local search optimization plan. This includes online directories, local business list sites, and Google My Business optimization. Google in particular is very good at driving leads if you have social proof and an optimized location.

We conduct monthly review outreach and reputation management that will build an ensemble of client reviews on mainline directory websites. When people search for an attorney on Google, who do you think they will click on first, an attorney with 3 reviews or an attorney with 104?

How We Work

  • Measure

    Where does your business stand right now?

  • Research

    What is the competition doing? What can we do better?

  • Customize

    We develop a specific actionable marketing plan for your goals.

  • Deploy

    Our marketing plan is put into effect.

  • Adapt

    We collect and analyze the data, then adapt our strategies.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Paid advertising on Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram is a powerful way to drive leads to your law firm. Traditional methods like television ads and billboards may work, but they cost a lot of money and the impact can not be measured—how many phone calls does a high traffic billboard get? How many of those calls become clients?

With digital marketing, we can measure your ads impact across all platforms. We can tell how much of your video people are watching, and modify future content to perform better. We can tell which web pages are working to convert clients, and which advertising methods lead to more contact form submissions and phone call clicks.

Above all, we can continually optimize your lead generation and paid advertising to grow your business.


Remarketing is a term for targeting people who have landed on your website or engaged with a piece of your digital content that have not become clients. We build an audience based on your website visits or video views, and then retarget them with relevant content and calls to action.The benefit of remarketing is that we aren’t competing with anyone else for ad space. These ads are only targeted to website visitors, and for that reason is a great add-on to content generation and search engine optimization. The ads appear on social media, on websites like blogs and news sites, and also on video sites like YouTube.

Remarketing is great for staying top of mind in practice areas that have a quick conversion date range (like DUI) and also for longer sales windows like bankruptcy. Once someone has landed on your website, we continue to target them until the sales window has passed or until they become a client.

Virtual Chief Marketing Officer

Everything we do is custom built to support your business goals. How will you handle: New leads? Analyze your success? Develop new strategies to adapt to changing market conditions and competitor market share? Let us handle the heavy lifting on the marketing side so you can focus on running your business.

Acumen's virtual chief marketing officer customizes digital marketing strategies for your law firm. Melbourne legal marketing Melbourne attorney SEO Melbourne FL digital marketing for attorneys

Effortless Lead Generation

Acumen Legal Marketing Melbourne has a combined 30+ years of experience delivering results to clients in the legal industry. Our focus on lead generation utilizes a multi-tiered approach to your digital footprint including website design, search engine optimization (SEO), local search optimization, paid advertising, and remarketing.

It’s simple. We get results.

Direct Mail

Our proprietary direct mail lead generation sends same day criminal and civil docket mailers to potential clients, helping you get in front of a highly targeted audience. We access public data to target and filter unrepresented clients in your practice areas, and send them an effective mailer that is designed to represent your law firm and your target audience.

Then, we collect complete addresses and verify them against the National Change of Address database maintained by the United States Postal Service (USPS). This helps us achieve an 80-90% success rate of mailed letters.

Our mailers are also sent with unique call-tracking phone numbers that allow us to analyze the effectiveness of each mailer. We optimize your campaigns over time, driving more leads and ultimately, more clients.

Melbourne legal marketing Melbourne attorney SEO Melbourne FL digital marketing for attorneys
Melbourne legal marketing Melbourne attorney SEO Melbourne FL digital marketing for attorneys

Choose a Company that Knows Your Industry

When people are searching for an attorney, they look for expertise in a particular area. You wouldn’t choose a criminal defense attorney to draft an apartment lease. Why should choosing a digital marketing agency be any different?

We work only with law firms looking to grow their business long term, and we limit our clients in each geographic location so we aren’t competing against our own work.

With more than 30+ years combined driving leads for attorneys, Acumen (Melbourne FL Digital Marketing for Attorneys) has the specialization to drive new clients to your business.

Your success is our success.


Acumen has been an integral part of my sales and marketing efforts. Their direct mail offerings afford me the ability to focus on handling the always changing needs and schedules of my clients and courts. It is comforting knowing that my phone will continue to ring as I get busier and am unable to spend much of my own time on generating new client leads. I’d recommend them to anyone who needs help in keeping a steady stream of new customer opportunities. It works and is a great return on investment.

Josh, Criminal Defense Attorney

I’d like to take this time to thank Acumen for the terrific direct mail/marketing services they have provided. I have worked with founder, Peter Mansmann, Esquire and Acumen for approximately 9 months on direct mail and other marketing services for our law firm. Pete has provided sensational marketing ideas, while using analytics to help produce innovative and “outside the box” platforms to help us grow. Both Pete, as well as the other members of Acumen, have been extremely accommodating in meeting my unusual schedule which has been extremely appreciated. I only have the highest regards for Pete and his staff. I would recommend them to anyone looking to revamp or start a direct mail program.

Paul, Criminal Defense, Bankruptcy, and Social Security Attorney

The Acumen program has become a trusted and integral part of my business. Getting started was easy. I told them what jurisdictions I was interested in and they helped me format my template letters. I get regular reporting and know they’re a phone call away if I ever want to make changes. From there it has run on “auto-pilot” generating a steady stream of calls to my business. I know they are keeping things running for me which provides peace of mind. I’d recommend them to anyone considering a direct mail strategy.

Chris, Criminal Defense Attorney


Contact us for a free strategy session to improve your law firm’s online presence and optimize for lead generation.