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If you were looking to hire an experienced, professional plumber to fix a leaking sink in your home, you would probably turn to the Internet and a search engine to help you find the right one. You would be interested in knowing how much experience the plumber had, what the areas of specialization are, and what the cost might be. You would also want to make sure that the plumber you decided to contact services homes in your area. If your search gives you results for plumbers on the other side of the country, those would be of little use to you. The same goes for potential clients who may be looking for your legal services. If you are not licensed to practice bankruptcy law in their state, their search will have wasted valuable time and energy.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your bankruptcy law firm, there are many aspects of the process that have been tested and proven to be effective for achieving a top ranking on the search engine results pages (SERPs). One aspect that is not often discussed with SEO in general is the importance of ranking higher than your competition on a local level. This is known as local SEO, and it is just as important as most other elements of the SEO process. Sound interesting? Contact us today to learn more. 

Local SEO is what ensures that potential clients looking for a bankruptcy law firm with your expertise will find you if your firm is in their area. Just like the above plumber example, a potential client will not contact you if they don’t know that you are available in the state or city in which they live. At Acumen Legal Marketing, we specialize in one client per area so rest assured knowing we are not working for your competition. 

What Is Local SEO?

While it may be impressive to be able to say that your bankruptcy law firm ranks nationally on search engines for certain keywords, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are benefiting from that high ranking. If you are a firm that practices bankruptcy law in Texas, a potential client in Florida would not be helped if they called you and you would not be able to take their business. Local SEO helps to prevent issues like that.

You probably have quite a bit of competition in your local area, so it is important that you focus on ranking higher than them in local searches. Is your firm able to be located on Google Maps? Have you completed the Google My Business profile? Do search engines and local clients know that you are available and ready to provide exceptional legal services in the local vicinity? If not, your competition may be getting the clients that you are fighting for.

The Importance
of Google My Business

Google My Business is a great tool for business owners to manage their online presence across all of Google’s platforms, and it’s completely free. Google Search, Mobile Search, Local Search, and Google Maps will all be affected when you create, verify, and edit your business listing on Google. When a potential client is interested in finding out where you are located, what your business hours are, or what your phone number is, they can easily do so if your GMB page is updated. 

GBM is also essential when it comes to SEO and local SEO because those businesses who have verified their GMB listing are more likely to end up in Google’s “three-pack” of results which are listed with a map above the organic search results. Being featured in that three-pack is vital in having an advantage over your competition. Even in broader searches, Google will still list the local three-pack before it displays national results.

Your Google My Business listing is critical when you want to compete in the online arena and als make sure your online presence is known. You can control your information and services, add more information such as accepted payments and photos, manage and respond to customer reviews, and even learn more about your customers by examining the extra analytics you get from the GMB listing.

Press Release Distribution
for Law Firms

Press releases can be very important for your bankruptcy law firm because they are a great way to build high-quality links to your website. It’s as easy as writing the press release with the inclusion of links to your website, having it distributed, and getting approved. Once your press release is indexed by search engines, it can help improve your ranking on the SERPs, especially when more and more other legitimate websites post the press release and your links become more widespread.

When it comes to local SEO, an important aspect of the press release that influences ranking is citation (the mention of your name, address, and phone number (NAP)) on another website. It helps to build credibility with Google and other search engines that you are also a legitimate website that can be relied on for clients. Distributing press releases to premium outlets will help you get the highest quality, relevant links that will influence your ranking.

Building Links for Your Bankruptcy Law Firm Website

Search engines like Google are always interested in making sure that the websites they rank highest in their SERPs are reliable and trustworthy. There are a variety of ways, through the SEO process, that you can work to build trust with the search engines, but they take time and dedication. A great way to do so is through the process of backlinking and local citations. With the link building services at Acumen Legal Marketing, we will create and edit your listings across a network of relevant local directories and websites to improve your SEO and become more visible in local searches. 

Contact Our Local SEO Experts

At Acumen Legal Marketing, we have the knowledge, skills, and experience to help your bankruptcy law firm outrank your competition in the local search markets and get more organic traffic to your website. Increased traffic means more clients contacting you and a higher return on investment. Contact us today to learn more about all of our SEO services for your bankruptcy firm and to schedule a free strategy session! 

We will develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for your legal team, and you can rest assured that we are exclusively yours. We are committed to only having one client per market per geographic area, so you know we won’t be helping your competition or telling them your SEO secrets. If your bankruptcy firm is ready to impress Google and potential clients, call Acumen Legal Marketing today!

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