Video Marketing

Video is the key to growing your business in 2019. Video content is watched more than any other type of content on social media, in email, and on your website. There is simply no better way to begin building rapport with a client than video marketing.

Showcase your expertise and begin building a client relationship


Use video marketing to educate potential clients on your specific practice areas. Earn more business by being the best online resource for potential clients.

Build Trust

When people know you and trust you, they’re more likely to choose you over your competitor. Video allows the client to ‘meet you’ and start getting to know you before picking up the phone.

Utilize Social Media

Using video on social media campaigns is more effective and less expensive than images or text alone. It’s especially effective for remarketing to people who have visited your website.

Build Awareness

Video is the most effective way to build your brand so that when people need an attorney, they’re more likely to remember you and choose you over your competitors.

Grow Your Business With Acumen

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Our digital age demands you build a persuasive online presence to stay competitive. If you aren’t using video marketing, you are missing out on countless opportunities.

Use video to begin building a personal relationship with your clients before they ever pick up the phone. Our content strategies and digital marketing tools ensure that you get in front of your target audience and begin building brand awareness so that when they need a law professional, you’re the person they come to first.


Acumen has been an integral part of my sales and marketing efforts. Their direct mail offerings afford me the ability to focus on handling the always changing needs and schedules of my clients and courts. It is comforting knowing that my phone will continue to ring as I get busier and am unable to spend much of my own time on generating new client leads. I’d recommend them to anyone who needs help in keeping a steady stream of new customer opportunities. It works and is a great return on investment.

Josh, Criminal Defense Attorney

I’d like to take this time to thank Acumen for the terrific direct mail/marketing services they have provided. I have worked with founder, Peter Mansmann, Esquire and Acumen for approximately 9 months on direct mail and other marketing services for our law firm. Pete has provided sensational marketing ideas, while using analytics to help produce innovative and “outside the box” platforms to help us grow. Both Pete, as well as the other members of Acumen, have been extremely accommodating in meeting my unusual schedule which has been extremely appreciated. I only have the highest regards for Pete and his staff. I would recommend them to anyone looking to revamp or start a direct mail program.

Paul, Criminal Defense, Bankruptcy, and Social Security Attorney

The Acumen program has become a trusted and integral part of my business. Getting started was easy. I told them what jurisdictions I was interested in and they helped me format my template letters. I get regular reporting and know they’re a phone call away if I ever want to make changes. From there it has run on “auto-pilot” generating a steady stream of calls to my business. I know they are keeping things running for me which provides peace of mind. I’d recommend them to anyone considering a direct mail strategy.

Chris, Criminal Defense Attorney


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