How Consumers Choose A Lawyer

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As more people utilize the web when researching their legal problems, law firms must devise strategies to show that they are the right lawyer for each user that clicks on their website. There is more that goes into choosing the best lawyer for a person’s case than knowing legal fees, hourly rates, or years of experience.

A victim wants an attorney that they can trust & get along well with. To make stronger connections with potential clients, it’s critical that you stay up to date with the best marketing practices. Digital marketing, online reputation management, and search engine optimization have overtaken personal referrals and other traditional lead generation methods. 

It’s essential that you and your firm adapt to these trends so you can help victims choose a lawyer that best fits their needs and that you enjoy current and future success.

Personal Referrals

When choosing a lawyer, most potential clients ask friends and family for good attorney references. However, they often face difficulties in finding individuals with cases similar to their own. In the wake of government lockdowns, these difficulties have become magnified. As a result, the internet has seen a flood of online searches for legal advice in all areas of law.

Google Searches

Of the clients that search for qualified attorneys online, the vast majority of them use Google. That’s why tailoring your website for search engine optimization represents a crucial step in expanding your law firm’s online presence.

According to a recent survey, 86% of people who use the internet to find a lawyer choose Google. Bing’s search engine stood at a distant third with 2%. The second overall choice may surprise some readers—about 9% of survey respondents chose Yelp!

Online Reviews

Online reviews play an essential role when users are looking to find a good lawyer.  

Around half of all potential clients looking for the best attorney for their legal needs spend more than one day searching online. However, a significant 25% of potential clients spend under an hour. That means law firms’ online reviews must appear near perfect. Plus, the firm website must grab the reader’s attention and generate a lead in less than 60 minutes.

Additionally, 98% of potential clients stated that they would research online reviews before hiring an attorney to handle their legal matters.

Law Firm Websites

Much of the digital marketing, SEO services, and online reputation management process is intended to bring organic traffic to a law firm’s website. Therefore, professional web design has become essential in today’s market. A firm’s landing page must provide useful information, explain practice areas, and make it easy for a client to book an initial consultation.

A firm’s website should delve into the details of various legal issues and show expertise to make potential clients feel comfortable hiring the firm for their legal matters. And, all of these considerations must fit within the parameters of current SEO best practices.

Final Thoughts

Based on current trends, it seems clear that the number of potential clients who search for a good attorney online will continue to increase. In turn, this makes the ongoing development of a law firm’s online presence crucial. 

At Acumen Legal Marketing, we execute proven digital marketing strategies to improve our client firm’s online reputation, visibility, and profitability. We work closely with our clients to tailor their websites and ad campaigns towards the sustainable generation of new leads within their respective practice areas.

If your firm needs to improve its online presence, call Acumen Legal Marketing at (321) 351-3869 or contact us online and learn how our cutting-edge digital marketing strategies secure leads and clients.

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