5 Unique Ways Attorneys Can Up Their Legal Blog Game

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Content creation, search engine optimization (SEO), and digital legal marketing become more critical as potential clients go online to search for legal representation. Legal blog posts represent one of the best ways to connect with potential clients online.

Let’s take a look at five unique ways attorneys can make their legal blog posts stand out.

1. Current Legal Events

Commenting on legal news represents a great way to show potential clients that your firm stays current on the state of the law. This content can go a long way towards demonstrating your expertise in personal injury, criminal defense, or other practice areas. It also instills trust in your readers and makes it more likely that clients seek your legal advice.

You can cover a newsworthy criminal case or explain a new statute. Try discussing the ramifications of a recent executive order or predicting the outcome of a supreme court case. Showing that your firm maintains awareness about legal developments will entice readers to call you when they need legal advice.

2. Legal Mythbusters

Potential clients encounter a lot of bad legal advice on social media. A lot of it involves common misconceptions or popular myths about the law. Writing a weekly myth-busting article produces a fun, exciting way for readers to learn about the law that they’ll look forward to each week. Legal blog posts should draw readers in, so when they need a lawyer, they’ll think of you.

3. FAQ

A lot of law firms have FAQ sections on their websites. Writing a blog post regarding frequently asked questions will save you time answering the same client questions repeatedly. It also represents a great way to improve your website’s SEO because many of the most frequently asked questions also serve as the most common Google queries.

4. Firm History

Personalizing your blog by writing posts about the firm’s history can humanize your brand, making it more approachable. You could write about how individual attorneys at your firm got started in their legal careers or recount major cases to showcase your law firm’s successes. Showing clients that your firm remains entrenched in the local community makes it more likely that they’ll call for a consultation.

5. Legal Guides

Legal guides serve as a helpful way to display knowledge and understanding of the law and show that you can convert legal jargon into something the general public will understand. Maybe you could explain the trial process or dissect a case study, or write a guide on grey areas of the criminal code. Gaining readers’ confidence and driving them to your homepage through SEO best practices makes starting legal blog posts a wise decision for any firm.

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