Complete Guide to Law Firm Blogging

A website that is regularly updated with fresh content will rank higher and perform better than a website that serves as an online business card. Law firm blogging is important, but many firms don’t fully understand how to strategize their blog writing to generate high quality traffic that they can convert into leads. 

A blog strategy should focus on deep-diving into your practice areas and state-specific laws, local news and events.

This is our complete guide to law firm blogging. Read, take notes, and employ some of these tactics to gain traction online. It’s our free gift to you.

Blog with your Future Clients in Mind

Your web content should be designed to answer user’s questions, like how to handle their first DUI, what to do if you’re being arrested, and specific queries regarding your practice areas.

Content should not be created with the purpose of ranking in search engines alone. This used to be a common method, but search engines grew smarter, and this type of content gets buried in the results.

In fact, Google’s “RankBrain” system is a machine-learning artificial intelligence that continually refines its approach to ranking websites the more that people use it.

First, let’s look at some low-value types of content to avoid. The we will dig into crafting content for your law firm that will dominate your competitors.

Thin Content, Keyword Stuffing, and Duplicate Content

It’s common to build a new webpage, or landing page, for local geographic areas or for practice areas. An older tactic was to generate a new page for every specific keyword, so that you could rank on the first page for that specific keyword.

For example, let’s say you build a page entitled “Washington County DUI Attorney” and it uses a boilerplate chunk of text to explain that you offer DUI defense services.

This text is only 100-200 words long and doesn’t read easily because it is stuffed with keywords. For example:

Washington County DUI Attorney. Are you looking for a Washington County DUI Attorney? The Law Firm of Rob, Roberts, and Robertson practices DUI Defense in Washington County. Our Washington County DUI Attorneys can handle all aspects of your DUI Defense in Washington County.

This is thin, poorly written content. Don’t do this!

It used to be common practice to change out the county name in the keyword and make duplicate pages for each area they’re targeting.

Why do people do this? Because it used to work. Back when search engines only used target keywords to rank, if you “stuffed” the page with keywords and lists of keywords, your page would rank better.

But now, websites like these get lost in the search results because Google is a lot better at figuring out how to match user queries with content.

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Strategic Law Firm Blogging

You’ve probably heard that blogging is important to building your website, and that’s true. But blogging without a purpose is basically useless. You need a strategy behind your content, and it needs to be focused on growing your business.

There are three main types of blogs that you should be writing for a law firm: practice area explication, newsjacking, and case studies.

Practice Area Explication

You could easily write a blog on a subsection of a practice area, like statistics on DUI cases in your state or the average amount of fines in a DUI case. It’s relatively simple to find topics, as well.

Simply Google a question about your practice area, like what happens when you get a DUI for the first time? When you scroll down the SERP, you’ll find an area titled “People Also Ask.”

This is a treasure trove of blogging ideas. Click on one subject, and four or five more pop up. Click again, and more show up. You could blog for months utilizing this tactic.

This is a long term strategy for gaining views from potential clients who are seeking answers to their questions. Provide those answers in detail and be as helpful as possible, and you’ll rank well over time.


Newsjacking is a term for finding relevant news, adding your own opinion, and quickly publishing and syndicating it throughout social media to ride the wave of news (and possibly go viral). This is a short term strategy, as generally news doesn’t remain new for long.

While you will see a big spike in traffic and then it will taper off as the weeks go on, you might get some juicy backlinks from news sites sharing your blog post: “A Washington County Attorney weighs in on the [celebrity] DUI.”

Case Studies

A case study can be a remarkable case that your law firm was involved in, or it could be a noteworthy case in the public eye. In this way, it can be a long term strategy or something more akin to a newsjacking that has long term value.

Either way, use this opportunity to showcase your expertise. Examples could include how you got someone’s DUI charges dismissed, or your opinion on a celebrity case or Supreme Court case in your practice area.

Strategy & Consistency

The most important part of your law firm blogging strategy is consistency. If you can publish 1-4 genuinely interesting blogs that educate, inform, and engage your audience, you’ll be able to generate traffic over the long term that will continually boost your website in the rankings.

We understand that busy attorneys may not have the time or inclination to write their own blogs, so if you’re looking for some professionals to take care of the work for you, check out our SEO and content generation services. Our base package includes 2,000 words per month — landing pages, blogs, and rich content for your online presence.

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