How Consumers Choose A Lawyer

Man typing on computer in Google to choose a lawyer

As more people utilize the web when researching their legal problems, law firms must devise strategies to show that they are the right lawyer for each user that clicks on their website. There is more that goes into choosing the best lawyer for a person’s case than knowing legal fees, hourly rates, or years of […]

5 Unique Ways Attorneys Can Up Their Legal Blog Game

legal marketer typing on computer updating a legal blog

Content creation, search engine optimization (SEO), and digital legal marketing become more critical as potential clients go online to search for legal representation. Legal blog posts represent one of the best ways to connect with potential clients online. Let’s take a look at five unique ways attorneys can make their legal blog posts stand out. […]

6 Legal Marketing Trends for 2020

It’s time to start thinking about marketing your law firm in 2020 (insert bad pun about ‘20/20 vision’ here). Okay, it’s past time. As a legal marketing company, it’s our job to be on top of the latest trends and explore new avenues of marketing when there is a lot of saturation in the prior […]

The Basics Of Landing Page Creation For Law Firms

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The Right Landing Page Can Dramatically Increase Conversions For Your Law Firm When it comes to getting potential clients to contact your law firm, the importance of the landing page cannot be overstated. For your firm’s landing page to be effective, it must be continuously improved. Unfortunately, many law firms build their landing page and […]

Website Analytics & Optimization Tools

There are a wealth of tools out there to analyze your website and content data. This is absolutely instrumental in developing your long term digital marketing plan, as you’re able to adapt your tactics based on what’s working, and utilize new features in local search or content marketing. Here are our top tools for website […]

Complete Guide to Law Firm Blogging

A website that is regularly updated with fresh content will rank higher and perform better than a website that serves as an online business card. Law firm blogging is important, but many firms don’t fully understand how to strategize their blog writing to generate high quality traffic that they can convert into leads.  A blog […]

What Does It Mean to Be Omnipresent? 

Omnipresence and legal marketing

Omnipresence is the ability to be everywhere. Imagine the power of omnipresence in marketing. You will appear wherever your clients are as a constant reminder that you are there when they need you.  Your challenge is standing out from all the other firms out there. Omnipresence allows you to choose the best mediums to reach […]

Top 5 Reasons to Use Video Marketing for Lawyers

Video Marketing for Lawyers - Acumen Legal Marketing

Video marketing is a powerful tool for lawyers to begin developing a client relationship before they step foot in your door. As a lawyer, you have an authoritative presence that can become a powerful tool when marketing your law firm. One of your greatest skills is the power of persuasion, often through impressive oration. Video […]

Attorney Blog Tactics

Attorney blog tactics - Acumen Legal Marketing

It takes years of education to become an attorney, and experience is hard won in the courtroom. An attorney blog is one of the best ways to show your experience and depth of knowledge in your practice areas, and also a great way to attract potential clients.  Blogging not only builds your online authority, it […]

The Basics of Law Firm SEO

Law Firm SEO - Acumen Legal Marketing

Law firm SEO—Search Engine Optimization—is the process of ensuring that your website and its content are optimized to rank in search engines like Google and Bing. SEO is a multi-faceted approach to your online presence that includes website design, structured data, on-page optimization, and content generation to rank your website for search terms related to […]